Custom Build

Personalised to perfection

Design your office with Attic Space before it goes live. Whether you want a one-of-a-kind office, a readymade HQ or something unique, we can give you just that- customised to your vision and optimized for your business.

how it works

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    Pick Your Locations

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    Let us do the paper work

  • 3

    Customize your layout

  • 4

    Add your personalised details

  • 5

    We transform the space

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    And manage your office

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    All you need to do is, move in!

Engineered for Business Growth

Comfort, brand, results, or efficiency? You don’t need to compromise. Choose from our recommended layouts, add your own touch, and aim for growth.

Productivity unlocked
Productivity unlocked

Natural light and collaborative environment, smart workstations, seamless connectivity, and endless support. Enjoy quality ROI with maximized productivity and minimized distractions.

Your own brand
Your own brand

On everything from private reception, conference rooms, executive offices, phone booths, and pantries. Deliver an exclusive and cohesive employee experience.

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A custom build office allows you to choose everything from scratch. From the floor layouts to wall paint to interior and exterior design. We’ll design an office that puts your brand and vision at the center of everything. Optimized for ‘your’ business growth and efficiency.

With Attic Space, we balance both and create a win-win for both sides. Unblock your money, so you grow and spend your money wisely and in the right place.

Yes. We will ensure that the workspace you work out of caters to everything you want.

Yes. At Attic Space, every inch of your office space will be customised to meet your needs & satisfy your requirements.

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